2021 Pavement Surface Treatment Project

The City of Verona surface treats several streets annually using a couple of different techniques. Crack Filling which is a method to seal major cracks in the asphalt surface and then Chip Sealing using an asphalt emulsion with an aggregate topcoat. The purpose of doing this is to seal and enhance the life of the pavement surface. This year in addition to the chip sealing, the city will be performing  polymer overlays to all four of the bridges that the city owns and maintains. This overlay will seal all the small cracks that have formed in the surface of the bridge, keeping corrosion from occurring to the steel reinforcement in the bridge. A map link has been included to provide residents the opportunity to review whether construction should be anticipated in your neighborhood.

The following are streets that will receive a granite chip seal:

•             Maple Road  (Basswood Ave to Poplar Way)

•             Walnut Street (Mahogany Way to Cross Country Road)

•             Poplar Way (Tamarack Way to Walnut Street)

•             Spruce Street (Tamarack Way to Maple Road)

•             Spruce Circle

•             Birch Court

•             Hickory Court

•             Ash Court

•             Pine Court

•             Cedar Court

•             Tamarack Way (Cross Country Road to Esker Drive)

•             Esker Drive

•             Carter Court

•             Kettle Woods Drive

•             Lone Pine Way (Tamarack Way to Hemlock Drive)

•             Ashton Drive (Lone Pine Way to Hemlock Drive)

•             Drumlin Drive

•             Kettle Court

2021 Pavement Surface Treatment (Granite) Map

The following bridges receive a polymer overlay:

 •             Bruce Street Bridge over the Badger Mill Creek

•             Old PB Bridge over the Badger Mill Creek

•             Stewart’s Woods Road Bridge over the Dry Tributary

•             Wildcat Way Bridge over the Military Ridge State Trail

2021 Pavement Surface Treatment (Polymer Overlay) Map