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Rain Barrel Rebate Requests

  1. Rain Barrel Rebate Request Procedure
    • The City of Verona Rain Barrel Rebate program is a 1 time rebate at $10 per barrel.
    • The city will give rebates for up to 4 rain barrels per address in the City of Verona.
    • A staff person from the Public Works Department will visit your property to verify the installation and a photograph of the installation will be taken for verification purposes. You will receive an email notification once your rain barrel installation has been verified.
    • Rebate checks will be issued on a roughly bimonthly basis for administrative efficiency purposes.
    • New for 2015 the rebate program is being extended to all Verona Sewer/Water & Storm Water Utility customers. This includes commercial and industrial customers
  2. Number of Barrels Installed
    Maximum of 4
  3. Is this a new rain barrel, or an additional barrel?
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