Permit Requirements
Permits are required any time you erect a tent that is open to the public or is a place of employment.

Zoning Permits
The following items are required for obtaining zoning permits:
  • Site plan showing the location of the tent and / or greenhouse and all buildings on the site
  • The use of structure (i.e. furniture sale, picnic, etc...)
  • The time and date that the structure will be in use
  • If the event will include assembly of more than 100 persons, adequate parking, crowd control, drinking water and toilet facilities shall be provided (these items must be described in the application)
Uses less than 12 days are considered temporary and shall comply with City of Verona Ordinance Section 13-1-94. Most uses greater than 12 days are considered conditional uses and shall comply with the appropriate sections.

Building Permit
The following items are required for obtaining building permits:
  • Permit Application Form (PDF) completed
  • Site plan showing the following:
    • Lot dimensions
    • Tent placement
    • Easements
    • Setbacks from buildings, lot lines and easements
  • Building plan showing the following:
    • Floor plan with:
      • Overall tent size
      • Location of all exits
      • Occupant capacity
      • All electrical equipment
      • All mechanical equipment
      • The flame spread affidavit of the tent material
      • Copy of approval from Planning and Development Department (if necessary)
Please be prepared to let the Fire Department know what time your structure (including all of the contents) will be set up and ready for inspection.

The structure will be inspected for compliance with Chapter 24 of the International Fire Code, including the following items:
  • Gasoline, gas, charcoal, candles or other cooking devices or any other unapproved open flame shall not be permitted inside or located within 20 feet of the structure.
  • At least 1 portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating, or 2 portable fire extinguishers with a minimum 2-A rating each, shall be provided in each structure.
  • All tents and greenhouses shall be constructed of flame-resistant materials. An affidavit shall be submitted certifying that the flame-resistant process and materials used comply with Section 2406 of the International Fire Code and stating the date of treatment and the warranted period of effectiveness of the process. The flame-resistant process shall be in conformance with NFPA 701.
  • All electrical wiring shall be in conformance with the current version of the National Electric Code as adopted and amended by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Chapter 16 and installed by a Wisconsin Licensed Electrician.
  • Visible “No Smoking” signs must be posted within the structure.
  • All tents and / or greenhouses shall be separated a minimum of 10 feet from vehicular traffic and parking.
  • Tents and greenhouses shall be separated from adjacent structures according to the table below including restrictions.

Use Group
 From Use Group
A, B, E and I
A, B, E and I
20 feet
A, B, E, I and M
30 feet

Note: The letters in the above table correspond with the following:

  • A - Assembly
  • B - Business
  • E - Educational
  • I - Institutional
  • M - Mercantile

Separation Restrictions
The separation distances shall not apply if the following conditions exist:
  • If the facility is not to be used for cooking and under 15,000 square feet
  • If the facility is under 10,000 square feet and the facility completely complies with the requirements of the ICC
  • All means of egress requirements for both the buildings and temporary tents and greenhouses are complied with including travel distance
  • Fire apparatus access roads are provided in accordance with IFC Section 503. All signage shall comply with the requirements set forth in Section 13-1-326

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