Crime Prevention & Alerts

Vehicle & Garage Thefts
Vehicle Theft Prevention
The Verona Police Department has responded to an increased number of thefts from vehicles and open garages this year. There are several easy steps you can take to reduce the possibility of being a victim of these opportunistic crimes. Make sure to lock your vehicle no matter if you are parked in a public lot, on the street in front of your house, in your driveway and even in your garage. Additionally, protect yourself by keeping your valuables "out of sight, out of mind." The best way to do this is to remove valuables from your vehicle to remove the temptation.

Garage Theft Prevention
Around your home, make sure to close and lock garage doors and keep lighting on at night as a deterrent. Consider motion sensor lights to save on energy.

Alarm Systems & Cameras
To help combat recent thefts, the Verona Police Department is utilization a vehicle equipped with an alarm system which alerts officers over the radio when the vehicle has been entered. The vehicle also has cameras to record the activities of those involved in entering the vehicles. Since the department has implemented this technology in different neighborhoods, 3 individuals responsible for several thefts from vehicles throughout the City have been apprehended.

Courtesy Vehicle Checks
As time permits, the Verona Police Department will be conducting courtesy checks of vehicles in public lots and on roadways to help safeguard your property. If you would like more information on how to reduce the risk of being a victim of these or other types of crimes, please contact the Verona Police Department.