Business Climate


Aerial PortraitThe City of Verona is located approximately 12 miles southeast of Madison along the USH 151 corridor.  CTH M also runs north-south through our community and provides an alternative route to surrounding suburban communities.  Interstate 39/90 is approximately 15 miles east of Verona via USH 151 and USH 12/18.  Dane County Regional Airport is approximately 17 miles northeast of Verona via USH 151.

Madison Metro Transit Bus Routes 55 & 75 are limited service routes from the west side of Madison and Downtown Madison to Epic's campus with stops along Verona Ave.  

A Park & Ride lot is located off of Exit 81 on south bound USH 151 or exit 79 north bound on USH 151 and Old PB.  The lot has 139 vehicle stalls, 6 handicap stalls and a bike rack.  The Park & Ride lot is also an access point to both the Military Ridge State Trail and the Ice Age National Trail.  Military Ridge State Trail is 40 miles long between Dodgeville and Fitchburg.  The Verona segment goes through Downtown Verona and is approximate 2.5 mile long. Other trail connections include Badger and Capital City State Trails. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a 1,000 mile foot path entirely in the state of Wisconsin. The City of Verona segment is approximate 3 miles long and traverses across the eastern section of the City from north to south. 

UW-Madison12NE0 h 27 min
State Capitol12NE0 h 27 min
Dubuque, IA 85SW1 h 31 min
Milwaukee, WI90E1 h 31 min
Green Bay, WI151NE2 h 39 min
Chicago, IL150SE2 h 52 min
Minneapolis, MN270NW4 h 4 min
Des Moines, IA280SW4 h 9 min
Indianapolis, IN331 SE5 h 18 min
St. Louis, MO361S5 h 23 min


Corporate Income Tax
Flat Rate (7.9%)
Personal Income Tax
4.0% - 7.65%
Unemployment CompensationBase: $14,000
Rate: 0.0% - 12.0%
New Employer Rate: 3.05% - 3.25%
Sales & Use Tax
WI: 5.0%
Dane County: 0.5%
City of Verona: 0.0%
Property Tax Mill Rate
Dane County
$3.4921/$1000 (15.36%)
City of Verona
$5.7745/$1000 (25.33%)
Madison Area Technical College
$1.0465/$1000 (4.60%)
Verona Area School District
$12.4258/$1000 (54.65%)
$22.7389/$1000 (100%)

Tools and Resources

The City of Verona and partnering regional organizations may provide technical assistance to developers as well as new and existing business owners looking to discover their growth potential.  To facilitate the developer or business owner to get their products on the market as quickly as possible, the City of Verona has also been authorized by the Wisconsin Division of Industry Services to perform plan examinations for all size projects within the City of Verona.  Financial assistance may also be available for qualified applicants and qualified projects.  For more information, please visit the "Tools and Resources" webpage.