Sugar Creek Elementary School Site

Request for Proposals

The Verona Community Development Authority (CDA) is seeking redevelopment proposals from qualified development firms and consultant teams to redevelop 401 W. Verona Ave. and 420 Church Ave., which are currently being used by the Verona Area School District as schools. Proposals received via the Request for Proposals (RFP) process will be reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised of the CDA and City Staff.

Deadline for RFP Submittal

April 27, 2020

City of Verona

Katherine Holt

111 Lincoln Street

Verona, WI 53593


Please review the following documents prior to applying as they contain the proposal requirements, selection criteria, deadlines, and selection process.


Scanned plans that were submitted to the Building Inspectors for their review are listed below. Public Works Department supplied profiles and plans regarding sanitary, stormwater, water, utilities, and other improvements that were completed near this site. 

Sugar Creek:

New Century:


Tour of the Site

A tour of the Sugar Creek Elementary School and New Century School was held on February 21, 2020 at 10 a.m. The tour was given by the Director of Building and Grounds for the Verona Area School District. Thirty people in attendance were able to walk around the schools looking into classrooms and viewing the existing building mechanicals. This was the only tour available for the site due to school being in session.

Additional information

Community Design Solutions (CDS) was tasked with developing concepts for the property that was presented to the public in August of 2019. CDS began with five (5) concepts. These were modified based on comments from staff, public, CDA, Plan Commission, and Common Council to have three (3) final concepts. All of the designs proposed by CDS can be viewed online.   

Verona Area School District (VASD) hired consultants to prepare a facilities study. A presentation was given in May of 2015 that included information regarding Sugar Creek Elementary School and New Century Charter School. This presentation contains information regarding site layout, dates of construction, and lifespan of building materials and mechanicals.

The Downtown Mobility and Development Plan was adopted in March of 2014. The Plan shows the property as mixed residential and downtown mixed use development. Some of the themes from this Plan were incorporated into the CDS concept plans.