Rain Barrels

Did you know that the City has offers rebates for purchased and installed rain barrels? Click here to get the rebate.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has more information regarding rain barrels on their website. After the rain barrel is installed, don't forget to request a rebate from the City by filling out the rebate form on the City's website. Now that your rain barrel is installed, it will be important to winterize the rain barrel in late fall to ensure that the rain barrel will last for years, which can be done by visiting this website that has step by step instructions. 

Rain Garden

A rain garden is a great way to prevent and mitigate flooding in your yard. Rain gardens retain more moisture than traditional grass. Visit this website for more information on how to build one for your yard. The City can provide a property owner a contour map of your property to help locate and plan a rain garden. The City's website also lists a contact person for the rain garden if there are any questions. 


Eye-On-Water is a free to use program that links to your Verona Water Utility bill allowing you to monitor your water usage by the hour, day, week, month, or year. This allows you to see when you are using the most water, which will help you make adjustments to your water usage. The program also allows you to set up alerts for high usage or potential leaks that could be used when you are on vacation. You can visit the City's website for more information on how to sign up for the online water monitoring. The website contains a contact number if you are unsure if you have a smart utility meter.

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