Home Business

Required Permits

Home businesses operating in all zoning districts except for SI, UI and HI are permitted without a Conditional Use Permit. In any case, an Occupancy Permit is required. Read more about obtaining an Occupancy Permit.

To operate a business in your home, the following criteria must be met:

  • The home occupation shall be conducted only within the enclosed area of the dwelling unit or an attached garage.
  • There shall be no exterior alterations which change the character thereof as a dwelling and / or exterior evidence of the home occupation other than those signs permitted in the district.
  • No storage or display of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment related to the operation of the home occupation shall be visible outside any structures located on the premises.
  • No home occupation use shall create smoke, odor, glare, noise, dust, vibration, fire hazard, small electrical interference or any other nuisance not normally associated with the average residential use in the district.
  • Only 1 sign may be used to indicate the type of occupation or business. Such sign shall not be illuminated and shall not exceed 3 square feet.
  • The use shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for more than occasional delivery of materials to or from the premises.
  • A permitted home occupation is restricted to a service-oriented business prohibiting the manufacturing of items or products or the sale of items or products on the premises. Examples of service-oriented businesses are, but are not limited to
    • Computer programming
    • Accounting
    • Insurance agency
    • Computer-based consulting and clerical services
  • A permitted home occupation shall not occupy more than 30% of the floor area of the dwelling.
  • Persons employed by a permitted home occupation shall be limited to the resident family members and no more than 1 nonresident employee.
  • Under no circumstances shall a vehicle repair or body work business qualify as a home occupation.

For more information, please call the Planning and Development Department at 608-848-9941.